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Airlift listed at top of Top Games To Check out in 2020

Airlift listed as Top Game to Checkout for July 2020 by!

Lisa Myers at GameKeys.Net has listed Airlift Game at the top of her Top Games To Checkout in 2020 list. Thanks Lisa! This comes just in time for a new version on the iOS app store and we plan to release the soundtrack on streaming services soon as well. Check it out at

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Platform Dependence Pain

Now that GameSalad is working again, AppFormative API is down. Previous posts decried the buggy state of the GameSalad game engine, which derailed attempts to update Airlift for over 7 months.

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New Game in the works

While Airlift runs on autopilot as we await a non-buggy build of GameSalad Game Engine, we turn our attention to our next game (built in Unity.) As yet unnamed, the new game will be a voice activated choose your own adventure that uses a machine learning voice recognition AI as its interface. Currently we are…

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