As we are still in production, we’re adding new features all the time to each new build of Airlift:

Recently Added Features:

  • Drop off agents at helipad one at a time or in groups.
  • Rope pulls agents up instead of them being sucked up to the helicopter.
  • Added Higher res graphics
  • Changed on-screen controller buttons to Tilt control.
  • Added Twitter integration.
  • Got rid of Ads inserted automatically by platform at every screen transition
  • Music now fades when level is completed
  • Screen is now locked to Landscape Right to prevent screen from flipping when tilting

New Features Coming Soon:

  • Adding maximum number of agents that  the helicopter can pick up at  once.
  • Fuel gauge will blink when fuel is low.
  • Scoring will keep track of Levels Completed.
  • Fixed issue with rope not centering or unfurling properly

New Features planned:

  • In-app purchases of bigger helicopters that can hold more passengers, go faster, etc.
  • Female agents
  • Ads that can be turned off with in app purchases
  • Extra levels that can be unlocked with in app purchases
  • More enemies and obstacles

Known Issues:

  • In Android the screen flickers when pausing level 1
  • In iOS the speed control does not always save properly

The current builds are 0.812 beta for iOS and 1.827 Alpha for Android.