This week we will release a new build with the following new features:

1. New Level Selector:

  • Play a level to unlock the next one
  • Play levels again within a game and in subsequent games
  • Skip levels you have already played

2. New High Scores for This Game and All Time

3. New special level with new music

4. In-App Purchases:

Permanent Upgrades:
(Permanent upgrades aka Non-Consumables can be restored by tapping “Connect to Store” )

  •  Remove Ads
  • New Helicopter Fleet
  • Stealth Coating


  • Extra Aeros
  •  Extra Fuel
  •  Extra Helicopters

5. New Leaderboards in Game Center

6. New secret way to earn extra 100,000æ bonuses

7. You can now bribe the secret police to release your agents